Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pursuit of Free(stuff) (APAD)

The 37th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

I have decided to see how much free stuff I can get off the internet. So far, I've only gotten two things. One was a "limited edition" Barack Obama cover from the New York Times magazine. (Yeah, yeah, laugh if you want to, but it was free!!) The second free item was a year subscription to Woman's Day magazine, which I love. Woman's Day has given me great meal ideas and I would actually pay for this magazine!

I wish I knew the specific websites I got this stuff from, but at that time I didn't keep track. I just remember googling "Free Stuff" and going to a gazillion websites. A lot of "free stuff websites" appear to be scam-ish where you have to complete a billion surveys and then buy some product to get something free. I know I visited a bunch of those kind of sites before I finally found my measly two free items. As I continue my pursuit for free stuff, I'll do a better job tracking where I go and noting what sites are legit. That way we all can enjoy FREE(dom)!!

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