Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pop Vice (APAD)

The 41st picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

This is a double-duty post. Not only does it answer my question about the price of a cup of ice from the previous post, "You know you live in a poor area when ... Part 2," but it also displays another weakness of mine: fountain drinks and just pop in general. My favorite pop is Coke, but I try not to drink regular Coke because of all the calories, so my second favorite is Coke Zero. I prefer pop to almost any other drink out there, especially water. I could easily drink 6-7 cans a day, which is why I don't buy pop or have pop in my house. I also never carry cash and rarely have change, so it's not easy for me to buy a pop out of a machine either. Apparently water is good for you, so I have to make it difficult for myself to drink anything else or I would never drink water. Never ever.


Mr. L said...

I know what you mean....a lot of times it will dawn on me that I'm feeling run-down and getting a headache because I'm dehydrated - I tend to drink coffee, which actually makes it worse. I have never really been able to 'enjoy' drinking straight water. Before my coffee habit, I was definitely in the soda camp.

Tiffany said...

It still makes me giggle when you say "pop". It's SODA!!