Sunday, September 27, 2009

Copier or Crapier? (APAD)

The 6th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

Copy machines are the bane of my existence. I think they are supposed to make your life more convenient, but today they made my life more inconvenient and seriously pissed me off!

Unfortunately, I had to work today to facilitate an all-day training. Yuck. I had a TON of copies to make that, of course, had to be made right that freakin' second. No biggie, I thought. Just walk upstairs and get those copies 'a copying. Um, yeah. Not how it worked out. The first copy/crappy machine I used allowed me to copy about 2 things before it said:

I hate paper jams! Super annoying. I tried to continue copying, but found that I could literally only make two copies before the thing would jam. I spent about an hour doing this before I was to the point of seriously destroying that machine!

So, I went to another copy machine in another building and began making my copies. I had a few minor paper jams at the beginning, but then I got that cleared up and things were going fine. I was about halfway through my copies when I saw this:

Freakin' toner! Arghhh. I looked for the toner, but couldn't find it and I really did not want to dig around in our secretary's desk too much because that would seriously piss me off if someone did that to me. So, I took all the copies and the papers yet to be copied downstairs to yet another copy machine. I made one set of copies and was begin to start another round of copying when I noticed this:

OH. MY. GOD. No freakin' way!? Now I'm really irritated, because this is just ridiculous. Three different copy/crappy machines are gonna do this to me in the same day! And, of course, I'm there by myself so it's not like I can run and cry/beg for someone to help me ... Thankfully, I was able to squeeze enough toner out of the last copy/crappy machine to finish my copies. I also resisted the temptation to throw a major fit that would have most definitely resulted in the destruction of the evil machines. Thank God. I also learned two important lessons from this irritating experience:

(1) Copy machines suck.

(2) I am lost without my secretary. She's the best!

The M.F. End

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Tiffany said...

i think i've forgotten how to use a copy machine. lol