Sunday, January 25, 2009

Apple Cider Vinegar + No 'Poo = Great Hair!

All is well in the land of no 'poo! Things are still going great for me and I see no reason to go back to 'poo at this point. My hair doesn't look unusually fantastic or anything like that, but like I said in my last post, my itchy scalp and dandruff problem have reduced considerably! Probably the most difficult part of this experiment has been not blow-drying my hair. I absolutely hate the way it air drys and I really hate going to work with wet hair. Ugh. But, I guess if that's the worst part about it, I can't complain too much! I also want healthy hair that doesn't break and frizz, so I think I can deal ...

Ok, so I tried the apple cider vinegar thing - I put about a tablespoon of vinegar into a huge cup, that I had yet to throw away from my super-sized meal at McDonalds, and filled it to the top with water. I poured it all over my hair and massaged it into my scalp for maybe 1 minute, since I don't have the patience for anything beyond that. Then I just rinsed it out and did my regular routine of washing my hair with conditioner.

So, what did it do to my hair? Well, believe it or not, my hair felt slightly softer after I rinsed out the apple cider vinegar. My scalp also felt really, really clean and it stayed that way for days! Normally, after about 3 days of not washing my hair, my scalp will start to feel a little dirty and there's a little grease at the crown of my head, but not this time! My hair didn't feel like it needed to be washed at all! The thing is, though, I'm not sure if this was due to the vinegar or that, perhaps, my hair is adjusting to the no 'poo routine. Either way, I'm planning on doing the vinegar thing again and, if it continues to work out well, about once a week after that ...

Oh and for those of you wondering, once I rinsed out the vinegar, I couldn't smell it ... I made sure to take a good whiff of my hair, too, before I washed with conditioner.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Me and My Inner Hippie

My friend Stephanie has accused me, for a very long time now, of being a hippie, primarily due to my resistance to modern medicine and my obsession for finding natural remedies of various sorts. I have gone through many failed experiments ... *ehem - the apple cider vinegar one comes readily to mind * ... but throughout it all I did discover a miracle cure: minced garlic mixed with honey will cure anything. Well, at least it cured strep throat and a sinus infection, but, hey, that's pretty good right?

Anyway, I have denied these hippie accusations for a long time, but the time has come where I can no longer deny my inner hippie. You see, I am currently conducting another experiment on myself - the "no 'poo" experiment to be exact. No, it's not what you think. I'm not going to attempt not to poo anymore or something like that, but rather I am forgoing shampoo! Yes, you heard me correctly. I will no longer be using shampoo ... at least for the next two months anyway.

The beginning of my no 'poo experiement started about a week and a half ago, when I was about ready to rip out my hair due to not only a bad hair day, but also because my scalp was extremely itchy, I had tons of dandruff, and my hair was literally knotting itself. Ugh. So, I went online to research what shampoo I should be switching to when, amazingly, I came across tons of information that led me to believe it was SHAMPOO, ALL SHAMPOO that was creating my ultimate bad hair days. Shampoo contains a chemical called Sodium Laureth Sulfate that basically strips your hair of moisture and nutrients, which is why conditioner was invented. It is also why your hair gets so greasy in between washings, because your body is trying to compensate for all the moisture that was lost. ANYWAY ...

I started reading about the "curly girl" method of hair care, which is basically using conditioner only to wash hair and completely forgoing blow drying your hair (unless using a diffuser) and brushing it only with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. If you're sitting there saying to yourself, "Um, Danielle you don't have curly hair." Yes, thank you, I know this. Tiffany also reminded me of this in several texts that she sent me about going no 'poo! Believe it or not, though, I do have wavy hair and this method works for people with curly or wavy hair (it even works for my peeps with hair that is straight as a rod!). According to curly girl, conditioner does a great job of cleaning your hair, but is much milder than shampoo.

So, I decided to try the conditioner only washing and see what happened. I should also mention that I do not wash my hair everyday, anyway. I stopped this evil habit when I was 18 and my hair stylist at the time scolded me for the everyday washings. So, since then, I have only washed my hair about 3 times a week anyway. Yes, it was hellified greasy at first, but after about 3 weeks it adapted to the washing schedule. It's really weird how it does that. Ok, so back to the conditioner only stuff ... I started this a week and a half ago and I've washed my hair about 3 or 4 times, only with conditioner. And, so far, my results have been great! My scalp no longer itches, I don't have nearly as much dandruff as I did before, and my hair hasn't been tangling as much as in the past! YAY! The best part about it is that my hair is not as greasy as I expected it to be while it adjusts to not having shampoo. Today was the first day that my hair felt a little greasy at the scalp, but my friend and coworker Darlene told me that it doesn't look bad and she would tell me if it did! A double YAY!! I took some pictures to show my homies who don't see me everyday what my hair looks like ....

I'll continue to post pictures as I continue my experiement.

Now, a lot of the info I've read says that you should clarify your hair with a mild shampoo every few weeks to remove any protein build-up, but I never want to use shampoo again, so I'm going to try a rinse made with diluted apple cider vinegar. I'm a little scared about trying this, but I'm going to do it tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes!

Well, I hope everyone out there appreciates my inner hippie, even if you're not down with the no 'poo thing! And, sorry about my lack of posts lately. I've been terribly lazy and not in the mood to write anything. My new-found experiement has given me the necessary motivation, though!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Very Fagen Christmas

My sister, Britty-boobs, made family Christmas videos. You can check them out here.

Where in the USA?

I'm not a huge fan of Ohio. Well, at least I don't really care for the area that I live in right now. There are limited job opportunities, everyone knows your business, and the closest Target is 50 minutes away! YUCK! So, the plan is that once Sean graduates from high school, which is about 2 1/2 years from now, we're going to start the process of movin' outta here! YAY! I thought I'd get a jump start on this by starting a list of possible places to move. I posted it on the fridge so that we can add to the pros and cons of each place to help us make the final decision.

We came up with 5 cities to choose from:

Madison, Wisconsin (my pick) - PROS: Close to a good school so Mason and can get our Ph.D's if we choose; It's only about 4 hours or so from my family in Minnesota. CONS: Wayyyyy too cold!

Overland Park, Kansas (my pick) - PROS: About a half hour away from a good school. Only about 6 hours aways from my fam. Listed in 2008 Money Magazine as one of the top places to live in the USA. CONS: Tornados!

Bozeman, Montana (Mason's pick) - PROS: Sparsely populated. Gorgeous! Close to a good school for grad work. CONS: Cold! Wayyyy too far away from Minnesota. Sparsley populated (everyone might know your business, which is badddd).

Redding, California (Mason's pick) - PROS: Closer to Tiffany. Close to good shopping. CONS: Very, very far from Minnesota. High cost of living.

Suburbs of Porland, Oregon (Mason's pick) - I don't know any pros or cons to this one, because Mason picked it ... so I'm gonna have to do some research on Portland living.

Well, this is our list. We'll be picking one of these places to move!

I'll keep you posted :-)