Sunday, November 16, 2008

Internet Best Friend Search!

Tiffany and I are addicted to TV, especially reality shows. Although we will watch pretty much anything, no matter how stupid or trashy it is, we do have our limits. Take for instance the MTV show Paris Hilton's My New BFF. Yah, that is wayyyy too low for us. I have never watched it and never really cared to. The only reason I even know it exists is because occasionally Joel McHale will make fun of it on The Soup.

Well, Tiffany came up with, what I consider to be, a creative, funny, brilliant idea based off of this ridiculous show - a blogger internet best friend contest! The contest has officially started, so you should read up on all of Tiffany's previous blogs about it: Originality for $500 please, Alex & New Internet Best Friend Part I & New Internet Best Friend Part II. Pay special attention to the blog titled New Internet Best Friend Part II as it contains all of the rules and the first round of the contest.

I am THE judge in the competition and will be helping Tiffany choose her new Internet BFF. This is meant to be stupid and funny and will not involve much of your time. The contests are going to be quick and simple and will NOT involve eating a bull penis or cat intestines or drinking your own urine, so don't be scared!

Go to Tiffany's blog and join the best contest on blogger! The clock is ticking y'all ...


Tiffany said...

Do it!!


Temple said...

I so have this one in the bag! :) Competitive? Me?

Oh, and can we please put The Hills in the same category of stupid-a$$ raunchy tv, please? I have like actual adult friends, with jobs, and mortgages who are addicted to that show...I just don't get it (types the girl who is anxiously awaiting Rock of Love III to come on...)

Tiffany said...

OMG, is there gonna be a Rock of Love III??

I follow the Hills; Danielle doesn't.