Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Very Own Political Nightmare

This is definitely the silly season: all of those automated phone messages telling you to vote for Susie Q. McGee, hundreds of flyers in the mail letting you know that Joe Toe's opponent clogged the toilet at a local restaurant, and the Todd Blobb supporters walking door to door asking you to vote for him. I can't wait until this election is over! Unfortunately, though, Chauncey's political nightmare is far from over. No, it's not any negative or annoying campaigning that's the problem, because it's not time yet for any of Chauncey's "elected officials" to run for office. No, our problem, is one that has been around since the local elections last year ... our mayor. Remember her? The one with the toilet in her yard?

Ever since she came into office, she has caused total chaos in our small town. I really wish that I would have kept all of the news articles outlining her bizarre behavior. Basically, to make a year long story short here's what has been going on with the mayor of Chauncelot: (1) When the mayor took office she decided to move herself into a brand new office. Well, Chauncey is poor, couldn't afford it so the council terminated the lease. She refused to give back the keys or the office furniture; (2) The mayor actually tells people not to pay their water and sewer bills, because there has been discrepancies regarding the billing; (3) She put 20,000 minutes and 1200 text messages on the village cell phone over a 4 month period of time. She claimed these were all "work related" calls/messages. (4) She recorded an executive (closed) council session and then turned the recording over to our former police chief; (4) She apparently had an "illicit sexual relationship" with an employee she supervised; (5) The mayor adjusted her own water and sewer bills and allowed residents to do the same; (6) She ordered the water clerk to turn the water on at her residence after it had been disconnected due to non payment; (7) The mayor was threatened litigation and used profanities at several council meetings; (8) She says that she is being "hit on" by male employees of the village and male residents; (9) The mayor also will not listen to the village solicitor's advice because she "knows the law and he is wrong." I should also mention that Chauncelot is being investigated by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification for unknown reasons.

All of the above, has happened over the last few months. It seems, however, that just when things start to calm down a little bit, the mayor just can't help but to stir the pot again. Take for instance this headline that came across the front page a few weeks ago:

She's taking a leave of office "for a few months" after only being in office for less than 10 months! WTH!? She won't tell anyone why she needs to take leave either, other than to say it's "to deal with personal issues." Oh yeah, she also wants full pay during this time. So, the council had a special meeting to discuss whether she could receive full pay during her leave. Well, I guess the village solicitor told the council that he was unsure whether "the mayor can legally take a leave of absence." So, two days later this was in the paper:

Her "leave of absence" totalled just a few days!

Then a few weeks went by and all of a sudden this is in the paper:

Yes, our own mayor is suing her own village for twisting her ankle in a pot hole two years ago!!! She is asking $25,000 for "lost wages, great physical pain, mental anguish and emotional distress" because she has been unable to participate in her usual activities.

We find out a possible reason behind this ridiculous lawsuit:

Um, she wants $2,000 to step down as mayor? You can tell what a poor area this is, can't you? Most times when you here about people being "paid off" to leave, you hear about them getting like $20, $30, $50, maybe even $100,000 dollars. But, no, our mayor just wants $2,000. Geez! Someone give it to her already!

The next day, this headline appears:

And the next day:

In this article, the mayor finally admits what she's guilty of:

Wow, mayor. You sound so professional! You only used one cuss word at a public council meeting? Good for you.

I guess the reality of the situation is that you can't expect much for only $400 a month:

I am sure this drama will continue until either the mayor gets her $2,000 or the city wins their suit to oust her from office. This means, I should have alot more blog material on this subject in the months to come!

It's always something here in Chauncey!


Tiffany said...

I still think you should run for city council.

Vanessa Rogers said...

That is a very crazy story. Fun blog! Very enjoyable. Here is mine