Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Changing Chauncey, One Picture at a Time

At the beginning of September I took a picture of one of our stop signs in Chauncey so people could see what a large portion of the stop signs around my neighborhood look like ...

The sign is completely washed out. It's just a white octagon. This made me think to myself ... if you went through one of those stop signs, could you still get a ticket? I think you'd have a pretty good argument against being cited. How would you know that you were supposed to stop? Anyway, I am pleased to tell you that we now have brand new stop signs!!!! YAY!!!!

Well this got me thinking ... Ok, I have been living in Chauncey for about a year and a half and the stop signs, at least on my side of the street, have always been washed out octagons. This means that they have been fading for a LONG, LONG time, probably years, and have never been replaced ... UNTIL ... I took a picture of them a few weeks ago!!!!! Is there a connection? Do you think if I start taking pictures of the giganto potholes, or the junk in my neighbor's yard, or even of Albert, they will all of the sudden be replaced with nice, new versions?

I know, I know. I am so conceited to think that I am the reason for the new stop signs! Stephanie thinks that since starting this blog I have become very full of myself, which I absolutely disagree. I am far from having a big head about myself!!! The only reason Stephanie even thinks this is because a couple of weeks ago I opened this package of poptarts that had knock-knock jokes on them and this particular one had my name on it! I admit that I was extremely excited and showed everyone the poptart and even took a picture of it. But, I feel that I'm justified because how often do you hear knock-knock jokes with the name Danielle in it? Not often.

(It says "Danielle at him he didn't do it!")

See? Unique, don't you think? Well, I should tell you that I think I also made the comment, "I think this means something, don't you?" So, yeah, I guess that is kind of big-headed of me ... I mean it's not like an image of Jesus showed up on the poptart or anything. I suppose I do need to humble myself a little bit and realize that just because I have a blog doesn't mean that now all of these amazing things will happen to me like my stops signs being replaced or finding food with my name on it. Crap. I'm feeling depressed ...

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Tiffany said...

It's not conceit, it's confidence! Go you!