Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sex & The City and The Mayor's Toilet

Let me just say that today is the DVD release date for Sex and the City: The Movie and me and my BFF, Tiffany, are beyond excited! We have been dedicated followers of the Sex and The City gals for years now and obsessively watch and rewatch every episode. I even kinda believe they're real people, not just characters of a show. Ok, well, not really, but I do love that show! Luckily, I have today off of work so my plan is to head to the post office at 10am and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that my copy of SATC has arrived. Then, with DVD in hand, I'm headed home for a day of watching my 2 disc SATC DVD. I can't wait!!!!

If you don't know, SATC is based on 4 main characters, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. They are funny, successful, and glamorous women. A couple of nights ago, Mason and I were walking our dogs, Hilde and Madge, and I was totally wrapped up in my thoughts of these fabulous girls and my excitement to see them again, when Mason whispers, "Look! There's a toilet in the mayor's yard!" Ah, what? That simple statement, "There's a toilet in the mayor's yard", slapped me back in to my harsh reality. I went from dreaming of my four rich, fabulous friends to my present situation, which was standing in a pot hole staring at a friggin' toilet in the yard of the mayor. It's moments like this when I think to myself, "WTF have I gotten myself into." So, yesterday Mason and I drove past her house to snap some pics of the toilet. See for yourself:

The yard:

The toilet:

I mean, seriously. A toilet? In the mayor's yard? Is this disturbing to anyone else?


Apparently, Chauncey's not the only crappy place to live. Read about Tiffany's troubles in the Bay Area here.

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Tiffany said...

Thanks for the plug. :) So sorry you didn't get your DVD in the mail. Maybe I'll get lucky and get mine today so that I can SELL IT to pay for all this shit. UGH. I'm so bitter. So incredibly bitter. I wish we were fabulous and living in New York.