Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Amazon Rant & Hilde Girl

So, if you read my last post you would know how I excited I was to spend my day watching the SATC movie. Well, my SATC DVD is NOT HERE! Now, I love Amazon.com, but I'm really disappointed in them today. I preordered this DVD like three weeks ago. My feeling is that it should then arrive in your mailbox on the day of it's release date. Am I expecting too much? Tiffany's DVD shipped last week and, according, to the "track your package" thingy its says it's in Hayward which is right by where she lives. So, she will probably come home from work and open her mailbox to the SATC DVD! My package, however, is still in Cincinnati. Ugh. I will never, ever preorder something from Amazon.com again, especially if it's something I'm dying to have the same day of it's release.

It actually probably worked out better that my DVD isn't here, because I have a sick dog on my hands. As many of you know, Hilde has been kind of a sickly girl since we rescued her from the dog pound a year ago. We first noticed a problem only a few days after we got her ... she had horrible breath. I mean, it would stink up an entire room. I thought that it was just from having bad teeth so I kept giving her those milk bones that say they're supposed to help with a dog's teeth. Yeah, well, that didn't work. Then she also developed a bloody nose with green gook coming out of it and this weird cough that sounded like a sneeze but it was coming from the back of her throat. So off we went to the vet's office. The vet checked her "thoroughly," or so it seemed, and we left not knowing the cause, but with a full supply of antibiotics that were supposed to cure her unknown condition. She started on the antibiotics, but after a few days when the bloody nose came back and the nasty stench didn't go away, I made yet another appointment with the vet. We went back again, but this time saw a different doctor. Literally, within about 3 minutes, Dr. M located a piece of plastic that was wrapped around her back teeth and stuck in her gums. YEEOUCH! The weird thing is that this huge, nasty piece of plastic didn't affect Hilde's eating at all. In fact, she would scarf down her food ... but now that I think about it that was probably because she was just about starved when we got her. Well, anyway, the vet pulled it out and we continued on another round of antibiotics and within a few days she was noticably better, no more bloody nose or bad breath.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that she was also in heat during this time and had to be confined to dog prison in the kitchen. Mason likes to say that "She was bleeding out of both ends." Gross, huh? Doesn't she look sad in dog prison?

Little did we know, that was just the first of Hilde's many health problems. She has chronic urinary tract infections (UTI), because, according to the vet, she has a small urethra or something like that. I guess it causes bacteria to grow faster than in normal dogs, with normal urethras. So, we have to try to lower her PH. We've been giving her 1000mg of Vitamin C every day, per vet instructions, and we've now started her on Apple Cider Vinegar as well. I even bought PH strips so we can start to test her urine to see if it's working. Sigh. I never would have imagined myself obsessing over a dog's urine the way I do with Hilde's.

Then came the fungus. Or so we thought. She began to lose hair on her hip area. It was a circular patch and the skin in it looked kinda black. So, off to the vet again. The doc assumed it was a fungus so he gave us some fungal cream to put on it twice a day and let me tell you that was really fun trying to do that! He also scraped off a sample of the skin so that it could sit in the lab for 10 days and see if any fungus would grow. Nothing grew in the culture, but Hilde's skin is starting to look better and the hair is beginning to regrow. We still don't know what it was or why it's getting better ...

Now comes the vomit. Last night Hilde was throwing up from about midnight until 5am this morning. I didn't hear her throw up the first time, but then I heard Madge eating something and I'm pretty sure it was whatever Hilde puked up. Yeah, really disgusting, I know, but Madge likes other nasty things like cat poop. The other times she threw up, though, there wasn't anything coming up just yellow bile like stuff. So all day today she has been really lethargic and won't eat or drink anything. I tried giving her some food a little bit ago and she will eat if I feed it to her, but if I set it in front of her she won't take it. Ugh. I don't know what that means ... I wish she could talk. I think I'll wait out the rest of the day and head to the vet if she's not doing better by tomorrow.

I blame Mason for all of her health problems. He insisted on naming her Hildegaard, after a nun from the 12th century, since Hilde was found at a convent and rescued by a bunch of nuns. Well, after he named her and, of course, by the time she was used to her name, I decided to read about the nun, Hildegaard. It turns out that this woman was SICK HER WHOLE LIFE. I'm convinced that because Hilde was named after her that she is now destined to follow in this woman's footsteps. You should read more about the sickly nun here and what my poor little dog has to look forward to.


The Brittster said...

I love your blog!!! haha, it makes me laugh.

Tiffany said...

Poor Hilde. I'll burn the Jesus candle for her too.